International projects

Since its establishment, the Company has executed and completed a wide array of projects in diverse climatic zones all over the world, under varying economic and socioeconomic conditions.
Soli has gained extensive experience in setting up turnkey greenhouse projects (for more details, please refer to Greenhouses on our Products page.)
Soli specializes in the planning and execution of integrated projects, including  support systems, administration buildings, cooling rooms, packing houses, warehouses, facilities, marketing means, 
maintenance facilities, etc.

Soli deals in all aspects of agricultural development, including selecting crops best suited to the  environmental conditions  and

tailored to the client's needs and requirements.

Following is a list of selected projects performed by Soli throughout the world :

Project for growing top-grade peppers for the fresh vegetable market.


Set up of twelve research centers for growing in greenhouses and net houses.


Setting up a project for growing roses.
Purchasing lychees for export to the UK in providing post-harvest handling assistance. This was the first export of lychees from India.

Setting up projects for growing tomatoes and roses in greenhouses.


Construction of greenhouses for growing vegetables in northern Mexico.


Setting up a project for growing chrysanthemums using a blackout screen system.


Setting up agricultural farms for growing tomatoes in northern Nigeria. (in Uchi)


Setting up a project for growing roses in Kunming and construction of a demonstration center for growing in greenhouses in Beijing (as part of a cooperation between the governments of Israel and China).
Setting up a project in Harbin for growing flowers in greenhouses.
Setting up a project for growing vegetables in Huzhou.


Setting up projects for growing roses and strawberries, including the supply of propagation materials and crop management.


Setting up of five greenhouse centers for propagating plants by the technique of tissue culture hardening, vegetable nurseries and growing vegetables in greenhouses. This project, commissioned by the Ministry of Agriculture of Thailand, was set up in several regions of the country.


Setting up greenhouse projects for growing roses; setting up  a greenhouse center for the cultivation and production of hybrid vegetable seeds.