Pad & Fan systems

The wet pad and fan cooling system is an effective means for cooling greenhouses, poultry coops or any other closed space. The wet pad's principle of operation is to utilize the natural properties of air/water ratios. Water evaporation lowers the temperature and increases humidity in the air. Optimum conditions for achieving high-efficiency of wet pad performances are relatively low humidity and high temperature.


The wet pad is the best method in the world today providing an optimal solution for air passage and water absorption limitations.  Many years of research and over 25 years of experience guarantee that the air passing through the wet pad does not lose its speed and adsorbs the greatest amount of water.
A wet pad operates at 70%-95% efficiency depending on the speed of the wind passing through it and the type of pad installed in the greenhouse.
The combined use of a wet pad and thermal screen enables the grower to control growing conditions throughout the growing period. These conditions enable extending the ripening period and obtaining the highest and best quality yield.