Company Profile

Soli is a private company  established in 1980. The Company specializes in hybrid vegetable seeds, greenhouses and nurseries.

Soli has extensive and diverse international activities: Breeding and distribution of hybrid vegetable seeds, setting up turnkey greenhouse projects, starting from the feasibility study stage, planning and design, and ending with crop management, marketing the produce and transferring the know-how.

These services are offered at the levels of overall planning and detailed planning.

Other services offered :   construction and construction supervision, technical assistance and support, and guidance through all the growing stages.

Soli has a skilled and experienced team of experts in diverse fields:
engineers, agronomists, economists and experienced growers.

Soli has two main departments:
The first –Breeding ,  cultivation, production, marketing and distribution of hybrid vegetable seeds.
The second - international turnkey greenhouse projects and other fields.


Main activities:   
• Cultivation Breeding, production, marketing and distribution of elite hybrid vegetable seeds
• Extensive Turnkey greenhouse projects
• Technological upgrade of existing greenhouses
• Commercialization and transfer of agricultural know-how
• Planning and installation of automatic cooling and shading systems
• Construction of water reservoirs
• Construction and management of vegetable nurseries
• Crop management
• Construction of fish farms, poultry coops, beehives, etc.
• Agro-technical services
• Training, setup of training extension services and technical support centers
• Setup of post-harvest handling systems